Video Security Systems

Video Security

Installation, Maintenance and Service Contracts for Video Security Camera Systems

Wired/Wireless TCP/IP Networks

Wireless cameras are proving very popular among modern security consumers due to their low installation costs (there is no need to run expensive video extension cables) and flexible mounting options; wireless cameras can be mounted/installed in locations previously unavailable to standard wired cameras. We have the right technicians to get it right the first time.

DVR/NVR Solutions

Digital video recorders, DVR’s, configured for physical security applications record video signals from closed circuit television cameras for detection and documentation purposes. NVRs are similar to DVRs but with several distinct differences. Namely, NVRs take video input over a network.

Remote Access Monitoring

Our Camera Systems are installed with capabilities that will allow you to play live or recorded video locally or over the Internet to allow you to view what is going on at your Home or Business from anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

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